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We can help you to Quality Secure your Website


Internet isnt always, what it seems to be. How does your customers experience your service over the Internet ? We can help you understand how your service/application is seen. We can help you to look better when it comes to delivery over the Internet. THAT is our expertise.


What you measure is what you Improve. We can help you to see, to understand and to fix the issue/issues. We have excellent partners and know how to use them. Keynote - to find out how your endusers experience your service and Edgecast - The fastest CDN ( Content Delivery Network) to make your site or service even more enjoyable.


Internet will be more and more important for you. fast and safe delivery of content is vital. Use a CDN to make your customers exoperience the best.

Internet speed and Quality is essential to your business

If you dont know how your customers experience your website in different places, on different browsers and on mobile devices, then it is essential that you contact us. We will help you understand how your site performs and we will suggest how this can be fixed. What we measure is what you need to improve.


We have the tools. We can measure with Keynote. We can speed things up with Edgecast. We can help you with the usage of Video in your company with Dream Broker. The important thing is to keep your customers happy and attract visitors with a positive experience from visiting your site.


Since Spring 2010 Google has used page load times as a factor in its search ranking algorithms. Google’s position is that faster-loading pages should be ranked higher because they provide a better experience for users. In Google’s own words, “Faster sites create happy users. Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed – that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings.”

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